Off-payroll, payrolling solutions for NGOs, UN agencies, international or non-Profit organisations

Off-payroll, payrolling solutions for NGOs, UN agencies, international or non-Profit Organisations

Are you an NGO, a UN agency, an international or non-profit organisation?

If you work with consultants in several countries, including Switzerland, hire them through us: we take care of their salaries, social insurance contributions, pensions, taxes and accident insurance.

The advantages of off-payroll work, payrolling for organisations :
  • Fast start
    Setting up a branch office takes time and is costly. Hire consultants based in Switzerland or in border areas to work for you within 48-72 hours
  • Contracts
    Different types of contracts for your consultants: mandates, task forces, fixed or indefinite missions, international. 100% legally compliant
  • Offices in Geneva and Zurich
    We are located in Geneva, headquarters of many international organisations, but also in Zurich
  • Compliant with Swiss law
    We handle relations with tax authorities or the work permit office. Legal expertise guaranteed in Switzerland for NGOs, international or non-profit organisations
  • Experts in your sector
    Our experts have been working for many years with non-governmental, international or non-profit organisations
  • Our HR Experts
    Specialised in HR and payroll management. Our experienced managers have the right solution for your needs

We have found payrolling solutions for a multitude of international organisations in Geneva and elsewhere!


Yes we are and have in the past. Our team will discuss the details of your mandate with you and explain to you if needed where it needs to be adapted to the specifics of the Swiss labour law.

Thalent will examine the situation of each Consultant and if the person is allowed to work in Switzerland or as a cross-border commuter, Thalent will take care of the permit.

We will invoice your company and the consultant will receive a salary at the end of each month. All social deductions, professional expenses, obligatory pensions, insurances and taxes as per Swiss law will be paid.

We are accepting all major currencies CHF, USD, EUR, GBP as well as others depending on the contract.

We do provide on demand shared offices or co-working spaces.

Hire your international consultants via Thalent SA!

Sign up for a telephone consultation with one of our experts. We will contact you for a free consultation and make you a tailor-made, no-obligation offer to meet your specific needs.