• Freelance with Employee Status

    Work as a Freelancer but enjoy employee benefits. We pay all social contributions and take care of the administrative burden! Dedicate 100% of your time to your activity.

  • Guaranteed Payment

    We pay your wage even if your client is late paying you. The contract you sign with us guarantees it.

  • 100% Digital

    Interview, contract signing: all is done digitally. including your pay slip. We are Covid19 compliant.

  • Freedom

    With us: No registration or deregistration fees. No minimum contract period.

  • Compliant with Swiss law

    We handle relations with the Taxation Office, Working Permit Office. Swiss-wide Expertise in 26 cantons.

Consulting at Thalent

20 Years Of Experience

Responding perfectly to the problem of consultants
What is Payrolling, Wage portage?

20 Years Of Experience

Responding perfectly to the problem of consultants
What is Payrolling, Wage portage?

If you are an individual and need to bill your clients, you need to register or set up a business. You will then no longer be able to benefit from social security and in particular from unemployment coverage or paid holidays.

If you join our company you will be able to carry out your activity under the status of an employee!

We will also take care of all the administrative tasks like accounting, billing, relations with the tax office, or the working permit office so that you can dedicate 100% of your time to your activity.

Join us in 3 Easy Steps

  • 1

    Free and unbinding Interview

    Get a free interview with one of our experienced managers

  • 2

    Sign your contract digitally

    Sign and subscribe to our services free of charge to benefit from all advantages

  • 3

    Start Work

    Start your self-employed activity in wage portage

The Advantages of the Payroll Solution

  • Work with an employee contract (definite, non definite period or hourly contract)
  • Premium social security: old age pension AVS, unemployment insurance etc.
  • Professional and non professional insurance covered 100% starting the first day
  • Paid holidays, Child Allowances, Maternity allowance
  • We handle invoicing and money collection, VAT, with holding tax, work permit
  • We handle relations with state offices such as Work Permit Office, Taxation Office etc.
  • 100% compliant with Swiss legislation. Our company is labour leasing licensed
  • You don’t need to pay a payroll lawyer for labour law issues
  • No registration or deregistration fees. No minimum period of constraint!

Hire a Consultant

Browse through the cvs of our available experienced freelance consultants and contact them through us or directly by email if you are interested in working with them.

  • Émilie FERREIRA

    Senior Consultant

    Conference interpreter, journalist, producer

  • Clotilde Jouette

    Senior Consultant

    Senior Consultant

  • Jérémie AGBOKLU

    Senior Consultant

    Quality Safety Environnement & IT

  • Catherine Delaby

    Senior Consultant

    Conceptual copywriter, journalist, storyteller



“I have been working with Thalent for over 14 years. I was looking for a serious and reliable payroll management company to help me with my accounting. The team of Thalent is professional, responsive and kind. It’s a partnership that I warmly recommend!”

Catherine Delaby


Thomas Doering

“I can dedicate myself to creating value with a high level of logistical and administrative support”


Michel Abellan

“Thalent has shown outstanding professionalism, raising the relationship to a rare level of mutual trust!”


Are you a Swiss or foreign company
looking to hire freelance consultants based in Switzerland?

Hire them through us: we will pay their wages, social security
contributions, pensions, taxes, accident insurances.


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