What is wage portage?

Wage portage enables independent or becoming freelancers and consultants to work with the status of an employee. They remain autonomous in their activities but can benefit from social security and the other advantages of being an employee.
The consultant is carried by an umbrella company and thus the term “wage portage”.

What is an umbrella company?

You sign the contract with Thalent SA which is called an “umbrella company”.The fees you would normally charge to your client(s) are now charged to the client by us and converted into a monthly wage. You receive a monthly payslip like if you were employed.

When should I contact Thalent SA?

As soon as possible even if you do not yet have a confirmed mandate as we will be able to advise you on how to finalise your offers and contracts.

I am a company and would like to hire one of your consultants. How should I proceed?

You can contact the consultant directly via his contact details that you can find under “Hire a consultant” or through us via the contact formular. We will be more than happy to put them in touch with you.

Can I hire staff for my company through Thalent SA?

If for any reason you cannot or want to hire staff directly through your own company then you could hire consultants via Thalent on a part time basis for example.

We have helped hundreds of companies solve staffing issues.

Please contact us and we will offer you a free consultation and a tailored solution to your staffing problem.

Can I join as a consultant if I only have one client?

Yes of course.

Do I have to live in Switzerland?

No, but you need to have a valid work permit to be able to do so.

Is there a registration fee and a minimum amount of turnover?

No, the policy of Thalent SA is to help consultants to start their activity.

Is it possible to contribute to a pension fund?

Yes. Thalent offers 3 different pension plans that provide the best possible response to your needs.

As a consultant, do I have to keep accounts?

No, all the administrative formalities such as issuing invoices, managing VAT, and reminders of unpaid invoices are handled by Thalent.

Can I have mandates abroad?

Yes, as long as the assignment is carried out from Switzerland and invoiced abroad.

Are invoices made under the name of Thalent SA?

Yes and in each invoice the name of the consultant is clearly specified.

Can I have individual clients and not companies?

Yes but the swiss 7.7% VAT on the total amount will be invoiced and private individuals usually do not have the possibility to recover that amount.

Is it possible to charge in currencies other than CHF?

Yes, Thalent invoices in the following 4 currencies: CHF, EUR, USD, GBP.

In which languages do you work?

French, German and English are fully covered.

Can I meet my clients at Thalent?

Thalent has a conference room with WIFI at their headquarters that you can use. You only need to book it in advance.

Is everything digital?

Everything is processed digitally: signing contracts, sending invoices, sending salary slips, even though some clients still require paper documents to be sent by postmail.

Is it possible to work at Thalent after retirement age or in pre-retirement?

Yes, both at the same time. Our oldest consultant is 75 years old

Are my business trips reimbursed?

There are two types of business expenses: the ones invoiced to clients and the ones reimbursed by Thalent.

The ones related to business development and contract execution need to go on the invoice to the client if they need to be billed. Professional expenses like travel expenses will be reimbursed by us.

Can I lease a car?

In case you wish to lease a car, we advise you to make a private car lease and Thalent will reimburse the professional kms at the rate established by the tax authorities.

Can I be reimbursed for my private car travel expenses?

We will reimburses the kilometres travelled with your car for professional reasons at the tax authorities’ rate.

Can I be reimbursed for my public transport travel expenses?

Of course. Please send us the receipts of the tickets and they will be reimbursed.

Can you apply the withholding tax (Impôt à la source, Quellensteuer)?

Yes of course if you need to pay his tax. The withholding tax of the canton of your place of residence will be applied to your wage. If you live in Geneva it will be the one of Canton Genève and if you live in Zürich, the one of the canton of Zürich.

I live in Zurich or another Swiss canton, can I use Thalent to invoice my clients?

Yes, we cover all cantons in Switzerland.

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