Your Profile – Senior Consultant

Become a Senior Consultant at our Swiss umbrella company
  • You are experienced in your sector of activity
  • You want to develop your activity and you do not want want to take care of the administration
  • You would like support in drawing up contracts
You can be active in many sector, for example:
Engineering Consultant
IT Consultant
Marketing & Communication Consultant
HR Consultant – Human Resources
Digital Consultant
Design Consultant
Journalism Consultant
Real Estate Consultant
Financial Consultant
Security Consultant
Become a Senior Consultant at our Swiss umbrella company:

You work with the status of employee while devoting your time to your activity and its development as well as your clients.

We pay all your social security contributions, which allows you to benefit from unemployment insurance and you will also be entitled to paid holidays.

Our team takes care of all administrative tasks such as accounting, invoicing, relations with the tax authorities or the administration that deals with work permits so that you can devote yourself 100% to your activity.

You no longer need to register as self-employed or set up a company to invoice your clients.

Here is what we cover for you as a consultant with employee status:

  • Employee working contract (definite, non definite period or hourly contract)
  • Access to company facilities such as meeting rooms with high speed internet
  • Invoicing and reminders
  • VAT
  • Reimbursement of travel and assimilated expenses
  • Free advising for your client/ customer contracts
  • Relations with administration such as Working Permit Office, Taxation Office etc.
  • Paid holidays
  • Withholding tax (Impôt a à la source/Quellensteuer)
  • You get full social security coverage with the best 2nd pillar pension fund available :
  • OASI/AVS/AHV: Old-age and survivors’ insurance
  • DI/AI/IV: Disability insurance
  • OAI/AAP/BUV: Professional or also called Occupational Accident Insurance with SUVA
  • NOAI/AANP/NBUV: Non Professional or also called Non Occupational Accident Insurance with SUVA
  • RC: Adapted professional civil liability insurance
  • MUV/AMat/MUV: Maternity allowance
  • ALV, AC, ALV: Unemployment Insurance
  • OP/LPP/BVG: 2nd pillar Pension Fund with one of the best pension funds plans available which is the one proposed by FER “Fédération des Entreprises Romandes”

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